The Music Mentor Podcast

TheMusicMentorzPodcast_Final LogoThe Music Mentor Podcast is hosted by professional musician and educator Demian Arriaga, with the purpose of Motivating, Inspiring, Challenging, and Empowering young musicians, and people from all walks of life, through opinions, anecdotes and interviews.

Customer Reviews:

I would have loved to have learned from Demian when I was a young musician. He has a lot of wisdom and insight and I would strongly recommend this podcast to any musician looking for guidance and perspective.
– sjamison

Even if you’re not a musician you’ll find this most useful!
Lot’s of personal and experiential learnings here.
Love the short format! Great for us with not a lot of time and/or shot attention span.
Keep the great work!

– ELot

This podcast is a great listen. Fantastic advice that applies not only to music careers.
– Apzlo


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